Slow Roll 505


The concept of Slow Roll originated in Detroit, Michigan years ago and has since spread around the globe, making it’s way to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Slow Roll 505 aims to bring the Albuquerque metro area together, promote active lifestyles, and connect our communities in a safe and fun environment.

On ride days, bring your riding gear (bike, helmet, water, etc.) and friends to the designated start venue. When you arrive, make your way to our welcome booth to sign in and check out some Slow Roll 505 swag. Once you’re all checked in and geared up, we start cruising as a group on our route - exploring the featured neighborhood of the day and enjoying the summer evenings in the 505. It’s not a race, we simply cruise together for a few hours and enjoy each other’s company.

See new places, meet new people, enjoy our town on two wheels (unicycles, tricycles, lowriders, all types of bikes are also welcome) - it’s that simple.

To participate in Slow Roll 505 rides, please register on our membership page.

Looking forward to slow rolling with you!