Code of Conduct

Slow Roll 505 values RESPECT for our communities and SAFETY of all involved — both essential to cruising with us. We want to maintain a positive impression of not only Slow Roll, but of cycling as a whole. Please be sure to review and follow our Code of Conduct at all times.

Arrive Ready To Cruise

  • Make sure your bike is in good working order BEFORE coming to the start point

  • Bring plenty of water, a spare tube for flats, your helmet and a light kit

Stay Right

  • Always stay on the right side of the road, using no more than two lanes

  • NEVER cross the yellow line into oncoming traffic, even if there are no cars


  • Use hand and verbal signals to communicate with other riders

  • Shout out turns, stops, passing, debris or obstructions, and anything else that will keep the group safe

Stay Alert & Be Aware

  • Pay attention to what's going on around you - you're surrounded by hundreds of bikers and motorists at any given time, over a changing terrain

Share The Road

  • Before and after the ride, be sure to keep the road clear

  • Always leave a lane open while riding and when you hear "car back" be sure to move as far to the right as possible to allow traffic to pass safely

  • When coming to a stop, do not ride past those stopping in front of you – stay in line

Stick Together

  • If you see a gap forming, ride a little faster to keep the group together

  • Wide gaps in the ride may leave room for cars to break the pack, a potentially dangerous situation

Roll Slow

  • We call it ‘Slow Roll’ for a reason, stay behind the leader at all times

  • Do not weave in and out of other riders or speed past each other

This Is Not A Show

  • Please don't do tricks in the crowd, pop wheelies, jump curbs or try to show off

  • BMX riders are more than welcome, but should stay on the sidewalks and away from the crowd while doing tricks

Don’t Litter

  • Littering is unacceptable

  • Come prepared with an old grocery bag for your trash or be sure to find public receptacles along the way

Encourage Positivity

  • Our goal is to bring people together

  • Negative or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated

Play Music Respectfully

  • Keep your music at a reasonable volume to be sure that communication between riders can be maintained

  • We do not censor, but have respect for those around you and refrain from playing explicit music  

Make Friends & Have Fun

  • Meet people and get involved, Slow Roll 505 is designed to strengthen our community by bringing members together in an informal and active setting